In 2008 Lofriday started in the Kargadoor Utrecht, which was a weekly event with indie/lo-fi and electronica acts. In the beginning it was organised/programmed by founder Maurits Hagemans. In 2009 it was taking over by other enthousiasts who organised te evening. In 2014 he returned and picked up where he left. From there on it evolved and got incorporated in his creative platform: Different side-projects occurred; from co-organising an event in an old prison in Utrecht to a new festival in Utrecht. Lofriday now is a moving event connected to different, broader events on different locations.
Studiohagy started in 2010 to implement web languages like HTML, CSS, and later the basics about PHP and Javascript. Enough skills in this area to use this for personal purposes. From that moment Maurits Hagemans became a teacher in this area. First MediaTechnologie at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and from 2018 Media/Webdesign at ROC van Flevoland. Studiohagy is able to support in Webdesign, Applications or deliver solutions to create usefull websites or support in domains. Combined with available knowlegde from professionals. Studiohagy created a lot of their own artwork. Poster, logo's etc.

Together with music professional Floris Hagemans, they form a Music-Production team under the name Studiohagy. They produce and write their own music. Floris Hagemans studies Audio Design and worked with different artists. He approaches his music with an open mind, which gives him a unique sound. Especially Floris is highly skilled in the diversity of recording software, sound techniques and compositions. Maurits composes his own music, plays as a live musician in different formations and gainded some exposure in the Netherlands and abroad.