In 2008 Lofriday started in the Kargadoor Utrecht, which was a weekly event with indie/lo-fi and electronica acts. In the beginning it was organised/programmed by founder Maurits Hagemans.. In this period he worked for the Kargadoor, and played an important role in the start of diverse cultural activities. De Kargadoor renewed their stage in the basement, and created an unique cosy place in their basement. Which suited Lofriday perfectly A year later other people took over Maurits’ duties to organise the Lofriday events. In 2014 Maurits Hagemans returned and picked up where he left with organising Lofriday. From there on it evolved and got incorporated in his creative platform: Studiohagy and became part of the broader eventproductions of Studiohagy. Different side-projects occurred; from co-organising an event in an old prison in Utrecht to a new festival in Utrecht. Lofriday was now a moving event connected to different, broader events on different locations In doing so working together with third parties became an important part of the concept

In 2014 a new event was born, called Lo-tronic. Based on the idea of Lofriday but with more focus on electronic and experimental music. the kickoff was a festival in de Kargadoor, together with the Utrecht based Ducktape Records . From now on both Studiohagy and Ducktape organise Lo-tronic events. Furthermore Studiohagy started a collaboration with Koffie Leute BrauHouse for a monthly event on the last Friday of the month: Lo-tronic BrauHouse/ is taking place in Koffie Leute’s coffeebar.

Music Management

As a musician, Maurits Hagemans has gained some experience in the music-scene. Focused in and around Utrecht, the Netherlands. A couple of projects he had done were he played in different formations as a guitarist, synth-player and songwriter. He played Popronde and played at well respected venues like Paradiso, Amsterdam and Ekko, Utrecht. Because of his role as both a performer and organiser he has a keen eye on how things works in the field of music. An important aspect is the focus on self reliance and embracing the Indie and DIY scene.


Together with music professional Floris Hagemans, they form the Music-Production team under the name Studiohagy. They produce and write their own music. Floris Hagemans studies Audio Design and worked with different artists. He approaches his music with an open mind, which gives him a unique sound. Especially Floris is highly skilled in the diversity of recording software, sound techniques and compositions.